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FPWA, the Human Services Council and the Fiscal Policy Institute co-authored a workforce report highlighting how New York State shortchanges nonprofit human services providers and their workforce.


2016 Annual Report

Elaine Fludgate struggled to overcome depression after the passing of her partner of 32 years. With time, Elaine found hope again and solace in her support group, realizing that being around other people was paramount to her healing process. Read more about our brave FPWA grant recipient Elaine and how she was able to regain her footing.

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FPWA grant recipient Sandra Parker is a grandmother who, despite dealing with her own health challenges, is also raising her five grandchildren. Ms. Parker explains how she wants to give her grandchildren the same unconditional love that she received from an aunt who raised her. FPWA is happy to have helped Ms. Parker's apartment feel like home with the purchase of new furniture, made possible by the NY Times ‪‎Neediest Cases‬.

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