Initiatives / Projects

Policy Priorities

FPWA’s policy, advocacy and research arm establishes policy priorities on an annual basis. Priorities are updated as needed to reflect emerging issues.

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FPWA is collaborating with our member agencies and allies to launch several campaigns to build a city of equal opportunity.

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Initiatives / Projects

FPWA engages in special projects and initiatives throughout the year that help to achieve our overall mission of serving New York’s most vulnerable.

Policy Victories

FPWA has achieved real and measurable progress toward creating shared prosperity while playing a leading role in advocating for fair and equitable public policies.

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Advocacy Coalitions

FPWA leads and co-leads a number of advocacy coalitions/task forces with our member agencies and community partners to engage in strategic policy advocacy work.

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In addition to our work on issue-oriented campaigns and key policy priorities, FPWA also engages in special projects and initiatives throughout the year that help to achieve our overall mission of serving New York’s most vulnerable.

Anti-Poverty Project

FPWA in collaboration with Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York and UJA-Federation have launched a research initiative to identify a core set of policies that if bundled and adequately funded would have the real potential to measurably reduce poverty in New York. The Urban Institute in Washington D.C. conducted the research.

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For more information, contact Policy Analyst Carlyn Cowen at

Equality Indicators System

FPWA in collaboration with CUNY’s (The City University of New York) Institute for State and Local Governance (ISLG), and the Mayor’s Office of Operations is working to build an indicator tool that will allow us to track progress towards achieving a more equal New York City for all. FPWA’s goal is ensure that the development and implementation of the Indicator System is deeply informed by community stakeholders. A Community-Informed Indicators System can foster civic engagement and collaboration.

We have convened three sessions with engaged community stakeholders from around the city to discuss ideas on how to build a better, more equal city. During these sessions, we considered inequalities in specific categories such as housing, education, etc. We assessed measurements and data needed to determine inequalities, and ways in which we can communicate with the greater New York City community about this data.

We are continuing to work with the diverse stakeholder groups to build their knowledge of the potential uses of indicator systems towards achieving positive change and measuring progress towards that goal.

To learn more about this project and how you can be involved in building a more equal New York, please contact Policy, Advocacy and Research Director Emily Miles at