Strengthening Member Agencies

Strengthening Member Agencies

FPWA strengthens member agencies and other human service providers by helping to build their operations and meet the needs of their communities.

Supporting Communities

FPWA operates a number of programs that provide its member agencies with the support needed to help improve the lives of their clients and communities.

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FPWA strengthens member agencies and other human services providers by helping to build their operations and meet the needs of their communities. We do this by providing important capacity- and partnership building services as well as training and grants.

How we strengthen Member Agencies?

Center for Leadership Development

FPWA’s Center for Leadership Development (CLD) supports the capacity building and sustainability of FPWA member agencies.

For more information, please contact Aleciah Anthony, Director of Programs.

Program Grants

FPWA awards program grants on an annual basis to three member agencies to support new direct service projects that are linked to FPWA’s advocacy agenda. Currently, each grant award is $20,000. Grants must address emerging social service issues or needs that the agency has identified.

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The FPWA Group Purchasing Service (GPS) links nonprofit agencies with 501(c)(3) status in a purchasing partnership where they enjoy the benefits of large-volume pricing and preferred-customer status without buying large quantities.

GPS membership is free and FPWA member agency status is not a requirement.

For more information, please contact John Goodwin, GPS Manager.

Conference and Meeting Space

FPWA continues its tradition of providing high quality, affordable conference space for the benefit of its member agencies. FPWA’s Conference Center provides flexibility and state-of-the-art technology to fulfill all meeting and conference needs. The space is perfect for staff retreats, training sessions, panels and conferences. FPWA members gain access to discounted rates.

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Pro Bono Human Resource Assistance  


HR PRO provides free human resources assistance to FPWA member agencies only. It is a joint pilot project of FPWA and HR/NY, the New York chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM is a worldwide HR association of human resource professionals. The purpose of HR PRO is to provide strategic and technical support to social service agencies with limited resources for dealing with the myriad of human resources issues they face. 

You can view upcoming workshops here.

For more information, please contact Aleciah Anthony, Director of Programs.

Corporate Service Projects

FPWA coordinates volunteer service projects between our member organizations and corporations looking for community outreach projects. The diversity of issues and geography of our membership means that we can tailor a service project to meet the needs of both the company and the member organization.

If you are a FPWA Member and have questions about hosting a volunteer service project at your organization, or if your company is interested in participating in our Corporate Service Program, please contact Gilda Flores, Member Support Coordinator at 212-801-1332 for more information.

For FPWA members: To request a volunteer service project at your organization, please complete and submit the online request form here.

CCA Employee Assistance Program

As a dues-paying member of FPWA, your organization receives discounted pricing to enroll in CCA’s Employee Assistance Program. Your executive director will have access to a dedicated management consultant to discuss, free of charge, up to two different issues per year that help employees and their families maintain their emotional well-being. For more information, please contact Aleciah Anthony, Director of Programs.

Affinity Group Meetings

FPWA convenes FPWA member agency representatives in groups by service area to discuss common issues and concerns and to share strategies. Current affinity groups are:

  • Child Welfare Task Force
  • Successful Aging Task Force

FPWA also convenes groups that include member agencies as well as other colleagues in the field:

  • AIDS Leadership Coalition
  • Workforce Development Task Force

 For more information about these groups, please contact  Aleciah Anthony, Director of Programs.