Leadership Development

The Center for Leadership Development provides trainings and technical assistance to non-profits to develop skilled and talented staff, and strengthen their overall ability to effectively impact the growing and changing needs of the low income communities they serve.

Current Offerings

2017 LEADERS GROW TOGETHER-1Leaders Grow Together Executive Leadership Mentoring Program

This year-long program harnesses the expertise of seasoned Executive Directors in the social services field. Our team of Executive Directors will serve as mentors to new and emerging Executive Directors and senior leadership of FPWA’s member agencies. Mentors will support non-profit leaders in strengthening leadership practices, and developing organizational work plans. Grounded in strategic thought processes and experiential learning, leaders will emerge with clear methods to address organizational sustainability and community impact.

HR PRO: It Could Happen to You…Don’t Let Your Workplace Be the Next New Item

November 8

Speaker: Dr. Tau Braun, Executive Director, Violence Prevention Agency

The kind of violence committed in recent years hits closer to home and in our workplaces and sometimes in “non-traditional” ways like over email and social media. What strategies can we put in place to help prevent, identify and manage workplace bullying, aggression or violence? Join us in learning how to be proactive in violence prevention and how to deal with crisis.

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