Press & Resources | ARCHIVE: December 2016

Tamara Hutchinson, whose song, “Lyrics 2 the Rhythm,” was produced in 1991 by the hip-hop artist Grandmaster Flash for the film “New Jack City” was homeless for 10 years, sleeping on New York City streets and in shelters. Ms. Hutchinson experienced personal, mental and familial hardships over the years. FPWA is happy to have helped her furnish an apartment of her own with the help of the NY Times ‪‎Neediest Cases‬.

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FPWA, the Human Services Council and the Fiscal Policy Institute have come together to co-author a report highlighting the need for increased investment in the sector to ensure nonprofits can continue to effectively serve communities across New York State.


Wilkenson Joseph, a Haitian immigrant seeking asylum in the United States after enduring anti-gay attacks in Haiti, overcame hardship and homelessness in New York City. With the help of ‪FPWA‬ and the NY Times ‪‎Neediest Cases‬, Mr. Joseph has regained a sense of security and pride in furniture he can call his own.

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